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Stories for Children


Health and safety:

Your baby probably has begun to walk or is very close to talking that first step.  With this much physical activity, sleep may be almost impossible.  Your baby may have trouble quieting down when it is time for sleep.  Leftover energies from the day's activities may be turned into rocking, bouncing, and rolling while half asleep.  be sure that you baby's crib or bed is safe for this  activity.  Check screws and latches and remove casters to prevent the bed or crib form rolling across the room.  The best way to help your baby is to make bedtime routine soothing.

Patience folks, I'm learning:

With finger food comes a mess.  Relax if you can and allow some experiments with food.  Your little one will learn about different foods faster and cause fewer eating problems in the future.


From now on, you will see your little one exploring the world.  They will learn to talk and one of the first words other than mama or dada will be no.  Don't worry, children are imitators and they learn by watching and then doing.  Help them to become involved in family activities remembering to keep it age appropriate.  Let them try to help. Read to them and make this an important part of their routine.  The saying goes Reading is Fundamental.  Make reading and listening to the Qur'an part of their routine.

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