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Stories for Children


Health and Safety:

If you haven't done it already, now is the time to have gates so that you can keep your baby where you want your baby.  These are especially necessary for  open stairways.

Games babies play:  Playing is learning

Sitting alone, creeping and crawling.  They have a new view of the world

Reaching for toys beyond their reach.  They may become frustrated.

Grasping holding and examining objects

Learning is loving

Letting you know they are happy

Following you around

Imitating your facial expressions

Playing is learning is loving

Talk to your baby in complete sentences

Hide a toy under a blanket

Play follow the leader with baby, clap your hands, pat the table, let baby lead to.

Advice:  Be gentle in your discipline.  The law in the United States is such that if you hit your child and leave marks on them you can be charged with child abuse and Social Services can take away your child.  So use extreme caution when it comes to physical discipline.  At this age a  sharp word or a severe expression works wonders.  As far as education, keep reading, reading, reading and let them watch you in what you do and let them listen to tapes that are acceptable to Islamic principles.  Children learn by example and the first example they have is you so try to make it a good one.


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