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Stories for Children


Health and Safety:

Researches find that babies who often hear "No," and "Don't," are less intelligent than other babies.  Babies and children nee to be able to learn.

The best thing a parent can do is to move the dangerous articles out of the reach of inquisitive hands.  The baby needs the opportunity to explore their world.

Games babies play:

In these last two months of your baby's first year, playing with sound is a favorite activity.

Your baby will copy the sounds you make.


Hearing new sounds is exciting.


Your baby will delight in hearing his or her name, so use it often.


Simple commands such as "give" or "hands up" become easy and fun to follow.


Your baby can understand much more than he or she can say.  Use words often and point to objects as you name them.

The best way for you join in this play is to keep talking and listening to your baby.  Most of all love is so important.


You will have noticed that your baby is progressing by leaps and bounds and this is the most exciting time of their life.  Everyday is an adventure.  Read to them, play with them and help them explore.  Trust your instincts, let them watch you work and pray.


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