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Health and Safety:

Crawling, climbing, and walking may soon be you baby's favorite activities.  This is a good time to give your house a second or third search for hidden dangers.  Things that were just out of Baby's reach suddenly can be within range.  As your baby tries to stand tumbles and falls will happen, check for sharp edges or doors that can and doors that can pinch tiny fingers.  Keep things out of reach and securely fastened.  Check the crib for safety.  When the railings are less than three-fourths of his or her height your baby should be moved from the crib.

Games babies play:

Your baby is becoming more and more mobile.  Have a low shelf for easy storage of toys that baby can get to.  They love to play with just about anything and simple toys, large sturdy cardboard boxes, large pillows can provide a new source of entertainment for your child.


As your baby grows and learns, keep to the same things adjusting for your baby's age.  The most important thing now is to have a routine and stick to it as much as possible.  Also it is a good idea to have some first aid training.  Know what to do when your child is choking, how to treat falls and when to seek medical assistance.  Knowing a few simple procedures and how to recognize an emergency situation can mean the difference between a good outcome or a bad one.


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