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Health and Safety

Teething can be a uncomfortable time for a baby.  It can cause physical discomforts (i.e. diarrhea, drooling, spitting up contant chewing and sleeplessness.  There are other causes for these symptoms so when in doubt check it out with a doctor.  Remember to keep the immunizations up to date

Games babies play:  Playing is learning

Crawling with one hand full

Pulling up to stand

Grasping small objects

Learning is loving

Imitating coughs, facial expressions, and sounds

Caution from now on if you don't want baby to try and repeat it, don't say it because it may be repeated at some point and time.  Children are creatures who have not learned the art of tact.

Saying mama and dada (or the appropriate sounds if your language is not English)

Looking at objects you point at and call by name

Learning what no means (but don't expect full understanding).

Playing is learning is loving

Talk to Baby - call objects by their name

Give Baby large and small (not small enough to swallow) objects to play with

nd get the father involved.  For too long children were considered the sole responsibility of the mother but the father is a very important part of the child's life.  Fathers must develop a relationship with their children as this will be important later in life.  Believe it not you can trust your instincts when it comes to children.  A mother's instinct can often be the difference between good and bad.  Example: if suddenly it becomes quiet and you have this feeling something isn't right.  Trust your instincts because chances are you are right.


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