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Stories for Children


Health and Safety:

Time for the second round of Immunizations.  

Never and Always:  Precautions

Never   Leave your baby alone in the house or car on on anything from which he or she might fall.  (Tragedy can strike at a moments notice.).

Always  be sure objects small enough to swallow are out of reach.  Baby toys should not have small parts that can fit in mouth.

Games babies play:  Playing is learning:

Lifting head and chest and looking around.

Listening carefully to any one who talks.

Reaching and grabbing, trying to get eyes and hands to work together.

Learning is loving:

Bath time:  Allow splashing in the water.  Talk to your baby and smile.  Hold baby firmly, and never leave baby alone in the water even for a minute.   (There have been numerous stories of babies drowning in as little as two inches of water.) 

Advice:  I suggest that a mother continue as before allowing the baby to see and hear what you do.  Read the Qur'an to them and let them watch you pray.

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