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Health and Safety:

By this age your baby should have had the second round of immunizations, i.e. DPT (Diptheria, Pertussis {Whooping Cough} Tetanus), HIB (Haemophilus Influenzae),  and Polio

Baby proofing:  It is important at this age that any object that can be harmful to the baby be placed out of reach, i.e. plants, breakables, electrical, small objects that can be swallowed.  This is because this is the age that a baby starts to move around by first rolling, creeping then crawling.  A baby's busy life is just beginning and if they can reach it they will grab it and the first place it will go is in the mouth.

Games babies play:  Playing is learning

Studying new sights and sounds very closely

Rolling over - either way - and learning what is self and what is not.

Trying to lift tummy up to creep and then crawl (Baby can lift both back and chest, so soon will be under way)

Learning is loving:

Getting To Know you and self better - your baby "talks" to you and to himself or herself

Helping you hold the bottle

Developing more trust

Playing is learning is loving:

Talk to your baby, copy sounds that your baby makes

Provide a safe environment

Protect your baby form falls and other accidents

Advice:  From now on, your baby is going to be on the go and learning about everything around it.  He or she will start to interact more and more.  It is at this time you will want to start to read to your child, even though they may not understand what you are saying they will listen to your voice.  A word of advice, keep it short.  Babies and young children have short attention spans and if you go on to long they will become bored.  Use books with bright colors and big pictures.  There are some sites available that have Islamic books for children and these are listed on my links page under resources.   There is a saying in the U.S. that Reading is Fundamental.  It is never to early to start an appreciation for reading.


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