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One to five years
Stories for Children


Health and Safety:

The infant has reached the age where everything he or she comes into contact with goes almost immediately to the mouth.  It is therefore very important keep anything that can enter a baby's mouth clean.  Also choking on small objects is a hazard.

Games babies play:  Playing is learning:

Watching and following:  A baby will watch objects and try to follow them with their eyes especially hands and feet.  Again bright colors attract their attention.

Repeat actions:  Babies will try to repeat actions.

Learning is loving:

Babies will smile and coo.  They will watch you and concentrate on your face.  They will try to attract your attention and will listen to you talk and sing.

Play with baby

Sing to baby

Watch your actions and get results

Advice:   I suggest that you place the baby where they can see you.  Let them watch you work, pray etc.  Although at this age they don't understand very much they will learn by watching.  Let them see and hear you read the Qur'an.

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