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Stories for Children


1.11 Rights of the Infant  It is recommended for the father to fulfill the following duties toward his new child: 

1. Make Azan (call for prayer) in the infant's right ear and Iqamah (call for prayer said immediately before the prayer) in his/her left car, right after the child is born. 

2. Chew some dates or sweets and put them in the infant's mouth, and rub his/her mouth and palate with them to train him/her to eat. This is called Tahnik (dental palate). 

3. Clean the infant's body, and shave his/her head. It is also recommended that you donate to the poor an amount of silver equivalent to the weight of the shaved hair.

 4. Give the infant a good name. The Prophet (s.a.w) had changed the bad names of some people to better ones. 

5. If the infant is a boy he must be circumcised. This is called Khitan. It is recommended for this circumcision to take place on the seventh day of his birth. If this is not possible, any other time is fine. 

6. On the seventh day after the infant's birth, slaughter two lambs if the infant is a boy, or one lamb if the infant is a girl. One lamb is also acceptable whether the infant is a boy or a girl but the first opinion is stronger in Sunnah. This is called 'Aqiqah, and its conditions are similar to those of the Audhhiah. Some of the uncooked meat can be distributed, or it can be cooked and shared with other people at a meal. The family of the infant can also keep some of the meat. If it is difficult or a hardship to do the slaughtering on the seventh day, it is recommended that it be done on the fourteenth day. If this is not possible, then on the twenty-first day. Otherwise, any day after the birth of the infant is acceptable.

Welcoming the Newborn In Islam


0-1 Month

Health and Safety

The health and safety of infants is a primary concern of all parents.  For a child who is sleeping a crib, this is what is recommended.  Place baby to sleep on their side or back as it is believed that placing an infant to sleep on their stomach may lead to SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

Snug fitting mattress - pillow.

Smooth edges

No plastic packaging

None toxic paint (i.e. no lead based paint)

Bars no further that 2 3/8" inches apart.

Caution:  Never ever shake a baby, no matter how upset or frustrated you become. 

 Phone Someone:  If you feel you are unable to cope.  There have been numerous cases of shaken baby syndrome and this has lead to the deaths of many infants.  

Use care:  When lifting a baby or a child as their joints can be easily dislocated.  


Injury or death of baby or child is unnecessary if you stop and think.


Games babies play:  Playing is learning

Staring:   at objects (Babies prefer bright colors)

Following :  objects with eyes.  (Large shapes and bright colors are very attractive)

Listening:  to soft sounds (Infants love to hear the sound of the mother's voice as she cares for them.)

Grasping:  safe objects (i.e. a rattle, your finger,)

Learning is loving:

Grasping:  Your fingers (the infant learns eye hand coordination)

Listening:  to your comforting voice when you're near.  (The mother's voice can be very calming to the infant.)

Feeling:  your warm body, gentle touch.  (Babies are very tactile creatures i.e. they love to be held and cuddled)

Watching:  your friendly smile (Infants gain comfort and reassurance from a mother's face.  They will stare at your expressions and try to respond.)

Advice  I suggest that a parent start  letting the infant hear the Qur'an


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