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The Region of Islam


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Saudi Arabia was the birth place of Islam and since that time it has grown into a religion of over one billion people.

The holy cities of Makkah and Medina are located in Saudi Arabia and are the site of the Hajj each year.

Even though Islam is spread throughout the world, it is the middle east that is the focus of world wide and media attention.  Why is this the case?  It is because of the turmoil that encompasses this area.  Israel, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and others have been at the center of war, hatred, terrorism.  This has lead to widespread media attention.  This has put some in a favorable light, (i.e. Israel) and others in an unfavorable light (i.e. Palestine, Syria, Jordan etc.).

To understand the middle east, it is important to understand Islam.  The map above shows the countries that encompass the middle east.  Some of these countries have had internal conflicts and others have received world attention.  Each country is linked to a site that gives more detail on the specifics of the country.  I have chosen one for each.  I have tried to choose the most comprehensive link and it has other linked sites.  These countries are: 
bulletTurkey:  This country is non-Arab but is a member of NATO
bulletIran:  A  non-Arab country which is predominantly Shia' Muslims, member of OPEC
bulletLebanon:  An Arab country
bulletBahrain:  An Arab country
bulletIsrael:  A Jewish state, created from the former country of Palestine on May 14, 1948
bulletPalestinian Authority:  An organization for the Palestinians.
bulletSyria:  An Arab country which has had an inner conflict with the Kurds
bulletIraq:  An Arab country and reason for the gulf war, member of OPEC
bulletJordan:  Arab and host to many Palestinian refugees.
bulletKuwait:  Arab and member of OPEC
bulletSaudi Arabia:  Birth place of Islam, member of OPEC
bulletQatar:  Arab nation, member of OPEC
bulletUnited Arab Emirates: Arab nation, member of OPEC
bulletOman:  Arab nation
bulletYemen:  Arab nation
bulletSudan:  Northern Africa
bulletEgypt:  Arab nation
bulletLibya:  Arab nation, member of OPEC
bulletTunisia:  Arab nation
bulletAlgeria:  Arab nation, member of OPEC
bulletMorocco:  Arab nation
bulletMauritania:  North-western Africa

On the pages of economics and politics,  I have given a very brief overview along with my viewpoint on the situations.  I encourage everyone to research the area so that they can form an opinion based on knowledge not on the media's portrayal.  Islam is a way of life for the majority of the people in the middle east and it has rules and guidelines for all aspects of the Muslim's life.  I caution all readers of these pages that what should be practiced and what is, are not always the same.


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