The economics of the region is largely controlled by oil.  There are seven countries in the middle east that are members of OPEC.  These seven countries plus the other members in Asia and South America have the power now to control economies of the world.  This is because the world is largely oil dependent.  It would take several pages to discuss the intricacies.   I have provided links to each of the individual countries in the middle east for those who are interested in further information.   Again the point I am trying to make is to understand the region you need to understand Islam.  Below are some insights of mine into this aspect of the region.

First in Islam it is haram (forbidden) to charge interest.  Now you have countries where interest is forbidden dealing with countries where interest is a way of life.  

Secondly, these are countries whose people have gone from a nomadic type lifestyle to trying to adapt to the western lifestyle.  Because of their religious life, this often causes conflict.  Is it right for a western civilization to try to enforce our way of life on others?  Look at our own nation and the problems that have assailed it.  We have gone from a country that had strong moral values to a country that has tried to separate our religion from our lives.  Where are those values now?  Islam is a part and parcel of a Muslim's life that it guides them in all aspects of life, even economics.

 In Islam, the ideal is, those who have more help those who have less.  Unfortunately, money has become the driving factor in the middle east and with that has come the corruption that is so prevalent in our society.  Insha' Allah, the believers in Islam will realize that Islam is the way and not let money become a god to them as the west has done.

I have listed the country links here again.
bulletTurkey:  This country is non-Arab but is a member of NATO
bulletIran:  A  non-Arab country which is predominantly Shia' Muslims, member of OPEC
bulletLebanon:  An Arab country
bulletBahrain:  An Arab country
bulletIsrael:  A Jewish state, created from the former country of Palestine on May 14, 1948
bulletPalestinian Authority:  An organization for the Palestinians.
bulletSyria:  An Arab country which has had an inner conflict with the Kurds
bulletIraq:  An Arab country and reason for the gulf war, member of OPEC
bulletJordan:  Arab and host to many Palestinian refugees.
bulletKuwait:  Arab and member of OPEC
bulletSaudi Arabia:  Birth place of Islam, member of OPEC
bulletQatar:  Arab nation, member of OPEC
bulletUnited Arab Emirates: Arab nation, member of OPEC
bulletOman:  Arab nation
bulletYemen:  Arab nation
bulletSudan:  Northern Africa
bulletEgypt:  Arab nation
bulletLibya:  Arab nation, member of OPEC
bulletTunisia:  Arab nation
bulletAlgeria:  Arab nation, member of OPEC
bulletMorocco:  Arab nation
bulletMauritania:  North- western Africa


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