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Politics, this is a word that has become a loaded gun.  In the U. S it has almost become a dirty word.  Now you go to the word politician and everyone has an opinion, like the axiom there is no such thing as an honest politician.

The politics of the middle east is as loaded as the word.  In Islam, there is a set way to handle politics (i.e. government).  Their way is not our way.  I have listed the country links for anyone who wishes to investigate further.  I state again to understand the middle east it is important to understand Islam.

The biggest political issue facing the middle east is the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians.  Each has stated a claim, to the land, that goes back to biblical times.   Who is right?  Who is wrong?  I believe it is not for mortal man to decide. In the interim, the Arabs and the Jews have forgotten one fundamental fact.  They are both descended from Abraham therefore they are from the same stock.  I guess you could call it sibling rivalry to the extreme.  

My personal view, on what is going on now, is to be laid right at the doorstep of the west.  We are the major cause of the conflict, of what is happening and all a person has to do is look back in history to find the cause.  I am neither pro Israel or pro Arab but I am pro Islam.

These links are provided for the interested to research further.
bulletTurkey:  This country is non-Arab but is a member of NATO
bulletIran:  A  non-Arab country which is predominantly Shia' Muslims, member of OPEC
bulletLebanon:  An Arab country
bulletBahrain:  An Arab country
bulletIsrael:  A Jewish state, created from the former country of Palestine on May 14, 1948
bulletPalestinian Authority:  An organization for the Palestinians.
bulletSyria:  An Arab country which has had an inner conflict with the Kurds
bulletIraq:  An Arab country and reason for the gulf war, member of OPEC
bulletJordan:  Arab and host to many Palestinian refugees.
bulletKuwait:  Arab and member of OPEC
bulletSaudi Arabia:  Birth place of Islam, member of OPEC
bulletQatar:  Arab nation, member of OPEC
bulletUnited Arab Emirates: Arab nation, member of OPEC
bulletOman:  Arab nation
bulletYemen:  Arab nation
bulletSudan:  Northern Africa
bulletEgypt:  Arab nation
bulletLibya:  Arab nation, member of OPEC
bulletTunisia:  Arab nation
bulletAlgeria:  Arab nation, member of OPEC
bulletMorocco:  Arab nation
bulletMauritania:  North- western Africa


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