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You may ask, who am I?  My birth name is Rebecca and I was born in the state of Wyoming.  I am a mid-westerner at heart and was raised with those values.  My mother's side, of the family, came from a predominantly Mormon background.  She was born and raised in Wyoming.  My father's side, of the family, is from a Baptist background.  He came from Indiana.  I have an uncle who was a minister for the Assembly of God.  As you can see, my religious roots were varied.  My childhood was uneventful.  I had very little exposure to different types of people until I went to college.  I had scarcely met anyone who wasn't a white Christian.  It was at college that I first encountered Islam.  Unfortunately, most of the people I met were not your shining examples.  That was until I met the man who would later become my husband.  He was kind, didn't smoke or drink and was courteous almost to a fault.  We met in 1980 and were married in 1982.  But, because of my Christian background and limited resources, I didn't revert to Islam until 1994.  The Moslem population, in the area, where I attended school (South Dakota State University) and here in Southern Idaho were not very large.  My husband knew of no Muslims in Idaho until the fall of 1994.

At the time, I was trying to raise our two children with a background in both Christianity and Islam.  I had been baptized into the L.D.S. church in 1982 following a long family tradition on my mother's side.  I thought I was doing ok until the day my oldest son came to me and said: "Mom, I want to believe the way you believe and I want to believe the way dad believes.  Whom do I believe?"  I felt as if I had been hit by a truck.  I couldn't believe that I had subjected my kids to this type of confusion.  I guess it went back to the fact that my parents had not raised me with any specific religious beliefs.  As I said earlier my religious background was varied.  I realized then and there that this wasn't right.  We were fortunate, at the time, to have become friends with a couple.  The husband was from the same country as my husband and his wife was also an American and a Muslim.  I discussed the situation with my husband and he felt it was now time for me to learn about Islam.  I agreed.

For two weeks I intensively researched every item I could get my hands on about Islam.  My children had been attending Islamic studies on Sundays and I tried to attend with them.  I thought a lot and I prayed.  Finally, after two weeks I knew that Islam was the right way.  First, my conversion to Islam, had not happened in two weeks.  It had actually taken twelve years.  I was lucky that my husband was patient and understanding.  I believe it was his gentle guidance and quiet example that led me to where I am today.  I also must credit Khadija, an American Muslim whom we met, because if it hadn't been for the wonderful example and the long talks we had, I don't believe it would have been two weeks.  I believe it would have taken a little longer.  Ahamdulillah,  Allah knows what it will take.  I have been blessed by the fact that we haven't been subjected to the criticism or the violence of other brothers and sisters.  I am still on my journey through Islam.  Every day I learn something or something will happen that will make my beliefs stronger.  

We, as a family, have had our share of trials, triumphs and tragedies.   If you wish to learn more of how these have led me to be stronger check Family

I have learned so much lately.  Allah has guided me to others who have helped me with my site.  This has lead to the strengthening of my Iman (belief).  Ahamdulillah, Allah knows best.


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