This page is dedicated to my husband without whom, I would not be where I am today.  It is because of his patience and understanding that this site is possible.  This is to the man I would be lost without.

My Husband

You have been the lifeline I have clung to when things have been bad.

You have been the shield when I have been fragile.

You have been my friend.

You have been my companion.

You have lifted me up when I have been down.

You have been  many things for me but most of all you have been the light of my life.

Allah (SWT) truly blessed me the day we met for we have shared good times and bad but you have always been there.

You stayed at my side when I was in the hospital before the birth of our first son. 

You comforted me when I was frightened never showing the fear I knew you were feeling as my life hung in the balance.  Allah was gracious in his mercy and I survived the trouble of the birth of our first.

You supported me through the birth of our second.

Our life has had many trials and yet you never once doubted our life together and you stayed with us through the best and the worst.

Even though your family was far away, you stayed despite tragedy.  The first was the passing of your father and now with the passing of your youngest sister.  Allah has sustained you.

You through your example showed me the truth of Islam.

You took care of me after my car accident coming home from work to make sure I had something to eat and that I was ok.  Allah was merciful and you remained true to your faith.

I love you dearly and I thank Allah for giving me the chance to live with a man such as you.  Allah has truly been gracious to me for giving me one such as you.

I pray that Allah will continue to bless us and that we will share many more years together.


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