I have always felt that a little humor, especially, in dealing with families can have a positive effect. So below are some humorous events from our day to day life, a sort of on the lighter side.  If you have a positive humorous anecdote relating to Islam please e-mail me.

Have you ever had a moment in your life when all you wanted to do is throw up your hands in exasperation. Well, dealing with teenagers can lead you to that point except when you can turn the tables on them. I had just such an incident several months ago, when my oldest son was planning on doing something and he came to ask me. Well, I had an idea what he was up to before he even said anything. Call it mother's intuition. He asked, but he didn't quite get done before I said no. His reply was how did you know what I was thinking. I told him that I had been there and done that so he wasn't going to pull the wool over my eyes so to speak. His reply was, "Geez mom, what are you a mind reader?". I replied, "No just a mother."  I was smiling when I said that.

Children will always try to push the limits and it is part of finding out who they are. Teaching standards, such as we have tried to teach ours, Islamic standards, helps in the battle.

Today, my youngest son was kidding about getting me an armored car to drive in.  He said that every accident we had been in I was there.  Am I jinxed or what, but my husband said he would just get me a Humvee.  I guess they don't trust my driving.  We all laughed at this because in 1997 I had a near fatal car accident and I only suffered minor injuries even though I totaled my car.  We can laugh now, because it was due to the blessings of Allah that I am here to laugh and be laughed at.  As I said a little humor can help.  Also, I joke with my kids and tell them that the reason I am still here is to give them a bad time.  Needless to say they just go AW! Mom.

Well, it is almost time for school here.  Ahamdulillah, because the boys are chafing at the bit (getting impatient and bored).  This is the time of year when a positive approach and humor can save the day.  For anyone who has gone through the trials of buying school supplies, paying fees and buying clothes for school kids, it is easy to understand the need for a laugh or two.  My oldest son has been working this summer and it has been interesting watching a fifteen year old take on the responsibility of a job.  To say it hasn't been a bit humorous is to put it mildly.  There is nothing more entertaining than watching a kid having to get up at 5:30 in the morning.  The first few days were the best,  I would go and wake him up and all I would get is this semi-comatose groan.  Of course, I would have to needle just a bit and tell him welcome to reality this is called having to work.   The looks I got were anything but nice, a glare would be more appropriate.  I would just smile and walk off.  He eventually adapted and I didn't get many more opportunities to give him a bad time.  The point here is that it is important the children and especially adolescents learn to be responsible.  With a good moral background from Islam and learning responsibility our son's are turning out to be pretty good kids oh, by the way teenagers prefer to be called adolescents instead of kids or children.  I guess it is called an identity thing.  As for getting ready for school, well, let us say it can be educational for the parent.  Teenagers tend to have their own ideas on what they should wear.  If you know about the terrible twos, this should be added and called the terror of the the teens.  Ahamdulillah, Allah can give us the patience of Yub (Job).  

Well it is now 2001 and time has flown.  My oldest is now approaching his 17th birthday and his brother is soon to be 15.  Alas now is when humor, good moral values and patience is essential.  For those who don't have teenagers and have not gone through the fun them learning to drive all I can say is make sure Allah is an important part of their and your life as I have said many a dua when my oldest has been out driving.  Incident in point is they have short attention spans (smiling).  My oldest was coming home a couple of days ago and he saw me at the door well he was a tad late and I was a little upset as he had to be to work.  He saw me and wasn't watching what he was doing and hit the curb blowing out his front tire.  I am smiling now as he now has to learn that things like that can cost money.  He works and it is amazing on how they suddenly begin to realize that money doesn't grow on trees.  As I said I say many duas when my sons are out and about and with my youngest now on the verge of getting his license, many more will be said.


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