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Women's Issues

First and foremost, the Qur'an is the primary source of information but there are other sources such as Hadith, Fatawa, and various books written by people with a reasonable understanding of what Islam requires.   I have listed the books I have read under resources.

There are several issues that are of concern to women.  To the Muslimah (Muslim woman)  these are equality, divorce,  issues dealing with worship (i.e. menstruation which goes with cleanliness) and status.  When discussing these subjects, some of the areas will overlap.  On the following pages, I will cover divorce (the types) menstruation (the issues dealing with bleeding) and the status of women as presented by various scholars (i.e. Dr. Jamal Badawi, Hammudah Abdulati etc.).  The issue of equality can range from economics to marriage and I have covered this under the respective topics.  Again as I stated before I opt for the moderate point of view but in fairness there are other viewpoints.

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