My Reversion Story

About 2 years ago I was 52 years old and a Christian. I had not become a member of any Christian church but all my life had been searching for the truth. I attended many churches and studied with their teachers. All fell short and I recognized none as being the truth about Allah. Since I was nine years old I had read the Bible each day. I cannot tell you over the many years how many times I have searched it.

During the long years of my search for the truth:

I studied 2 times a week with a catholic priest but could not accept catholic beliefs. I studied for a year with the Jehovah Witness and did not accept their beliefs, I studied for almost two years with the LDS (Mormons) and uncovered lies and deceit. I had a Jewish friend and had many discussions about their beliefs. I went to many protestant churches, some for months trying to find answers to questions I had.

My heart told me Jesus was not God but a prophet. My heart told me Adam and Eve were responsible for their sin, not me. My heart told me I should pray to God and no other. My reason told me that I was responsible for my good deeds and bad deeds and God would never become a man and tell me I was not responsible, He had no need to live and die as a human, after all He was/Is God. So sister here I was full of questions, praying to God for help. I had a real fear of dying and not knowing the truth. I prayed and prayed. I got answers from preachers/priest like "this is a mystery" . I felt that god wanted people to go to heaven so He wouldn’t make it a mystery as to how to get there and how to live and understand. I knew in my heart that all this was untrue.

I live in Arizona, USA and at age 52 had never talked to a Muslim. I like many westerners had read much about Islam being a fanatical religion of terrorists so I never searched any Islamic books or information. I knew nothing about Islam.

I recently retired after 24 years as a police officer. My husband is also a retired police officer. When I was 52 years, I was still a police sergeant/supervisor. Police officers world- wide have a common bond which we call a law enforcement brother-sisterhood. We always help one anther no matter what police department or country.

I received a flyer/paper asking for help with a group of police officers who had come to the United States to learn English at a University and attend a local police academy in the city I live in. The Saudi police officers were looking for homes to live with the families to learn about US customs and practice English they would learn.

I have a grand daughter who is being raised by my son as a single parent. We helped him get a house next to our own so we could share in the raising of her. I talked to my husband and we decided it would be good to help these police officers and be an opportunity for our grand daughter to learn about people from another country. I was told the young men were Muslims and I was very curious.

ASU (university and a Saudi interpreter brought a young man named Abdul to meet us. He could speak no English. We showed him a bedroom and bathroom, which would be his if he stayed with us. I liked Abdul immediately. His respectful and kind manner won my heart!

Next Fahd was brought to our home. He was younger and shyer but a wonderful young man. I became their tutor and we shared many discussions about police work, this country, Saudi Arabia, Muslims and I observed how they helped each other and the 16 other Saudi police officers. During the year they were here, I came to respect and admire them for not letting this American culture have any impact on them. They went to Masjid on Fridays and said their prayers no matter how tired they were. They were careful of what they ate, etc. They showed me how to cook some traditional foods and they took me to Arab markets and restaurants. They were very kind with my grand daughter. They showered her with presents, jokes and friendship.

They treated my husband and I with much respect. Each day they would call to see if I needed them to go to market for me before they went to study with fellow Saudi officers. I showed them how to use the computer, ordered Arab papers on-line and began to search the Internet to learn more about them, their customs and religion. I did not want to do things that would offend them.

One day, I asked them if they had an extra Qur'an. I wanted to read what it had to say. They sent to their Embassy in Washington DC and got me a Qur'an, tapes and phamplets. At my request we began to discuss Islam (they had to speak English and this became the focus of our tutoring sessions). I grew to love these young men and they told me I was the first non-Muslim they had ever taught Islam to!

After a year they completed their studies and training at the academy. I was able to help them with their police studies as I had been a police instructor during my career as a police officer. I invited many of their brother-officers to the house to help with university projects and to practice English. One brother had his wife come to stay here in the US. I was invited to their home. They were very gracious and I was able to talk to his wife about Muslim dress, wudu and things.

A week before "my foster sons" were to return home to Saudia Arabia I planned a family dinner with all their favorite traditional foods (I bought some because I couldn't cook all (didn't know how). I purchased a hijab and abeya. I wanted them to go home remembering me dressed appropriately as a Muslim sister. Before we ate I said shahada. The boys cried and laughed and it was so special

I believe in my heart that Allah sent the boys to me in answer to my years of prayers. I believe He chose me to see the truth by the light of Islam. I believe Allah sent Islam to my very home. I praise him for his mercy, love and kindness

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