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Remembering those who lost their lives.


Assalaamu Alaikum,

On Tuesday September 11, 2001, the World Trade Center and the Pentagon were hit by a total of three commercial airplanes and a fourth crashed in Pennsylvania due to the heroism of the passengers on board.  The consensus is that it was done by terrorists.  Because of this many American Muslims and Muslims in general have been blamed because of their belief in Islam.

First, I extend my deepest sympathies and condolences to the families of this horrendous tragedy.  I sat in shock and dismay and then anger that anyone could do such a unimaginable act.  Now just a little over a week has gone by and I am still trying to take it all in.

Second, as has been stated by many, many Muslims this is not acceptable in Islam.  The word Jihad has been so grossly misunderstood and perverted by the media.  Please check this page for a full explanation of Jihad:  Jihad

Terrorism is a horrible act no matter who does it.  It is incumbent upon our leaders to use wisdom and restraint in responding to this act of terror. 

It is incumbent upon us as citizens not to jump to conclusions and not to let bigotry pull us apart.  I urge all Americans to use wisdom and restraint in this matter.  I was born an American but I chose to be Muslim and I condemn this act regardless of who is responsible and I want to see them brought to justice.  Insha' Allah (God willing) this will be done.

Everything is by the will of Allah and it is in Allah we must put our trust.

Below are a list of links and information on this terrible tragedy.

The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights set up a hotline for complaints of discrimination against Arab-Americans, Muslims and others. The hotline number is 800-552-6843.
also please remember to urge everyone who is disccriminated against to contact CAIR: Council on American-Islamic Relations
453 New Jersey Avenue, S.E.
Washington, D.C.  20003
Tel: 202-488-8787
Fax: 202-488-0833
E-mail: cair@cair-net.org
URL: http://www.cair-net.org

Current Events
Attacks in US: News and Resources

Below are links to news sites and support resources related to the terrorist attacks on the US.

  Current News   Support Resources
bulletABC News
bulletCBS MarketWatch
bulletChristian Science Monitor
bulletFOX News
bulletIDG News
bulletNew York Post
bulletNew York Times
bulletUSA Today
bulletWashington Post
bulletWired News
bulletYahoo! News
bulletYahoo! News Photos
bulletArabic News Online
bulletAsahi Shimbun
bulletBBC News
bulletCNN en Espanol
bulletCNN Japan
bulletDagens Nyheter
bulletDe Telegraaf
bulletDe Volkskrant
bulletDiario de Noticias
bulletDie Zeit
bulletEl Pais.es
bulletHa' Aretz
bulletInternational Herald Tribune
bulletLa Repubblica.it
bulletLe Monde
bulletLe Figaro
bulletSME Online
bulletSky News
bulletSvenska Dagbladet
bulletAmerican Red Cross
bulletAmerican Airlines
bulletUnited Airlines
bulletPentagon updates
bulletReport terrorist activity
bulletEmergency contact info (CNN)
bulletReport you're safe
bulletHelping children cope
bulletPhotos of missing persons

Relief Funds

bulletAmerican Liberty Partnership
bulletDonate via Yahoo!
bulletDonate via Amazon
bulletDonate via PayPal
bulletUnited Way NYC
bulletSalvation Army
bulleteBay Auction for America

Contact Information
(Airlines & WTC Businesses)

bulletAmerican Airlines: 1-800-245-0999
bulletUnited Airlines: 1-800-932-8555
bulletAON Risk Mgmt Corp: 1-866-256-4154
bulletMarsh & McLennan: 1-212-345-6000
bulletKeefe Bruyette and Woods: 1-800-726-0006
bulletCantor Fitzgerald: 1-866-326-3188
bulletMorgan Stanley: 1-888-883-4391
bulletFuji Bank: 1-888-537-3845
bulletCarr Futures: 1-800-755-7620
bulletLee Hecht Harrison: 1-201-782-3704
bulletThacher, Proffitt, & Wood: 1-800-698-4567
bulletFiduciary Trust Co: 1-800-632-2350 ext. 22578

New York Hospital Information

bulletGreater New York Hospital Association
(List of hospitals in NYC area)
bulletMayor's Hotline Center: (212) 560-2730
(For families seeking to know if their loved
ones were seen by a hospital in the NYC area)
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