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The are two Eids (meaning celebrations) celebrated by the Muslim.  These are the Eid Fitr and the Eid Adha.

Eid A-Fitr

Eid Al-Fitr, often referred to as the small Eid, occurs at the end of the Month of Ramadan, which is the month of fasting for Muslims.  During the Ramadan the Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset.  They are not allowed to eat or drink during this time.  The purpose of Ramadan is to give us an empathy for those who are less fortunate than us, to make us more conscious of Allah (SWT) and to strengthen are Iman (faith).  At the end of the month, which can be twenty nine or thirty days is the Eid Al-Fitr.  Muslims use the lunar calendar instead of the solar so the length of the months vary.  The Eid will last for three days and it is at this time that Zakat (charity) is given.

Zakat is the giving of money for distribution to the needy.  It is based on 2.5% of what a person has left at the end of the year after they have taken care of their needs.

Eid Al-Adha

Eid Al-Adha, referred to as the big Eid, is called the Eid of sacrifice.  This is observed after the end of the Hajj (the pilgrimage to Makkah and Medina).  At this Eid all Muslims who are financially able to sacrifice a lamb.  Those who cannot afford to are helped by those who can.  This Eid lasts four days.

Both of the Eids hold strong religious significance to Muslims.

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