A Poem



The Cry of the Muslim Child

The child sheltered by his fathers' arm,
Searching desperately with his eyes;
The terror in his heart, unbearable,
Can you hear his cries?

The fathers' arm, still not enough,
To protect his child dear;
The bullets intentionally strike their target,
By the wicked Jews hiding near.

The Jews do not want to hear the cries,
Of the child on the wall;
Their blackened hearts just aim and fire,
Then watch the child fall.

But in the end, the child has won,
For he is now a martyr;
Jannah he is promised now,
And the Jews, Allah will slaughter.

Oh, sweet child, pinned upon the wall,
Who without just cause did die;
We among the Faithful,
We did hear your cry.

By Sr Malak Daoud Hall

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